Electronic music producer born and breed in Malaga (south of Spain). I have studied Music technology for 2 years and Music Production for 3 years (BA) in Northbrook College in England.

I love electronic music in general and everything that it’s done with soul, funk and passion.

My musical influences vary from techno, electro, jungle, noise and industrial sounds. Kraftwerk, Detroit, industrial music and UK bass are amongst the favourites.

Special attention is paid to sound design, as experimentation plays a vital role in my productions.

Dark sounds and aggressive beats accompanied by repetitive and hypnotic melodies are a mark of identity.

I also work with audiovisuals. The aim is to create a wider and more stimulating experience for the audience. The visuals enhance the sounds and viceversa.





Pessimistic but realistic vision of the world in terms of job situation, housing price, people’s interests, intentions, dishonesty…
The music is full of dark, cold, drone and aggressive sounds having the same philosophy in visual terms.
Raw sounds are a sign of identity for the album.
The album is created to exteriorize through music sad and dark feelings that come from a RAW REALITE.